Flared Double Denim_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistSpring has sprung, Foxes! Here in California, it actually seems like Spring sprung a couple of months ago. Despite sunny days and warm temps, I’ve purposely held off sharing my favorite seasonal trends. I like to put my hands on them in the store and see what really looks good on real people, not just on the runway.

After plenty of hands-on experience (and a shopping bag or two of my own coming home), these are the pieces and trends that’ll have you looking hot (in a good way) this spring and summer. Click on images for more info.

70s Inspired Styles

70s-inspired silhouettes are probably the biggest trend this season. It doesn’t mean dressing up like Saturday Night Fever, just taking your cue from the most iconic silhouettes of the era. I especially love the easier silhouettes, fresh prints and big floppy hats– perfect for protecting you pretty face from the summer sun.


This is sort of a trend that spans trends. No question, fringe details are a key element of the 70s silhouettes, but it goes beyond that, adding pops of drama and movement to almost any look. At minimum, get yourself a piece of rocking jewelry, like this versatile cuff, which will be on point with 70s styles or more tailored silhouettes. Bonus: it’s on sale for less than $20 right now.


IMHO, there is nothing chicer than a crisp white look in the summer sun. This year, white on white is especially in vogue. I am a traditionalist and love crisp cotton and eyelet, but more modern interpretations are an uber-chic way to update a classic.

P.S. I’m not colorblind, the blue shoes are supposed to be white (aaah, technology). Trust me, they are really amazing in that shade.

Sporty Chic

Athletic-inspired styles have been around for a couple of seasons and they are staying strong through Summer. A newer twist on the look, which up to now has largely fulfilled the role of  minimalist option to more over-the-top trends, is an infusion of color and print, especially brights and tropical inspiration.

Summer Suede and Leather

Every time I’ve shopped with a client this season I’ve joked, “we’re all gonna be hot this Summer.” One of the main reasons? Heavier materials ruling the clothesracks. Leading this charge is suede, a fabric traditionally associated with cooler temps. Right behind it, leather. I’m especially into suede, which is more lightweight for summer. It’s kinda magic how in some pieces it’s the element adding structure and in others movement in way that’s almost flowy. Check it out in a color, or update your jewelry cabinet with something luxe.

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