Forward_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistTrue story: when I was in college I was a student teacher in a high school history/english combo class (I clearly had another calling). One of the lessons I taught was about Martin Luther King, Jrs.’ I Have a Dream Speech. As much for the kids, it was a lesson for me as well. If Monday posts didn’t give it away, I love words and quotes and until then I had no idea how beautiful the whole speech, not just the parts we all know, is. I definitely recommend a read or, even better a listen, if you didn’t have a teacher as great as me (kidding, I was terrible, that was my shining moment).

As you enjoy a day of downtime and maybe some amazing three-day-weekend sales, I thought it would be nice to take a moment to be be inspired by the man whose dreams and determination we honor today. Happy holiday weekend Monday, Foxes! xo

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