Black Friday copyCall me a masochist, but I l-o-v-e braving the crowds Black Friday. My trick for staying sane through it all? I order my gifts online (like awesome Fawkeshunter Styling Gift Certificate Specials). I just think it’s fun to be part of the madness and to take advantage of it being socially acceptable to shop in pajamas. I usually use the opportunity to load up on items to donate to holiday causes.

Even without the added stress of needing that one perfect thing, Black Friday (and its digital twin Cyber Monday) still requires strategy. There are some great deal guides online and these are our favorites to help you map out a gifting game plan. Happy shopping, Foxes. xo

We’ll add any other great deals we see. If you tell us where you’re excited to shop in comments, we’ll make a point to look for sale details.

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