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People always ask how I got into styling. Truth is, I remember being obsessed with clothes and what people were wearing from the start. And not long after that, I was obsessed with Grace Kelly and what she was wearing. She’s easily one of, if not THE strongest, influences on my personal tastes. Today, on what would have been her 85th birthday, a look at a few of my favorite fashion take-aways from one of the most enduring style icons ever.

1. She Knew Dogs Are A Must-Have Accessory

Grace Kelly and Poodle Oliver - Rachel Fawkes Bay Area Wardrobe StylistIt’s a well-known fact I am crazy for my canine chums, so was Grace…well for her canine chums. She had lots of pets through the years, but none so photographed as her black poodle Oliver. He was a wedding gift from co-star Cary Grant and sailed across the Atlantic with her when she journeyed to Monaco to become a princess. He even sat alongside her when she faced the paps aboard and the future princess carried him in her arms when she disembarked in Monaco.



2. She Influences Princesses & Princess Brides Everywhere To This Day

Grace Kelly vs. Kate Middleton Wedding Dresses - Rachel Fawkes Bay Area Wardrobe StylistWhen the rest of the world was squealing McQueen at the most recent royal wedding, I was like, holy Grace Kelly copycat Kate Middleton. To be fair, Grace was the first normal girl to marry a prince and have her wedding broadcast live around the globe, so it was probably fate her style influenced K-Mid’s. Truth is, the lace bodice, long sleeves and full skirt of her Edith Head-designed gown stand as one of the most iconic and copied wedding looks ever.




3. She Inspired Hermès Original Namesake BagGrace Kelly - Hermes Kelly Bag - Rachel Fawkes Bay Area Wardrobe Stylist

Pre-Birkin, Hermès‘ most iconic namesake bag was The Kelly. Originally named the Sac à dépêches, the structured handbag earned a new nickname after Princess Grace faithfully carried it to hide the early stages of her first pregnancy. Legend has it she fell in love with the style when she carried one as part of her character’s wardrobe in Rear Window. It stuck as one of her style staples throughout her life and Hermès officially renamed the bag for her in 1977.



4. She Was Geek Before It Was Chic

Grace Kelly in Glasses - Geek Chic - Rachel Fawkes Bay Area Wardrobe StylistGrace didn’t have the best eyesight and snaps of her in her glasses are my favorite. She was so, so pretty she was almost unbelievable. Something about her putting on specs makes her seem more real and human to me. I’m especially fond of a series of her playing charades while on her pre-wedding journey to Monaco taken by Howell Conant.

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