After college, I moved from LA to DC with a closet full of sundresses and flip-flops. I held out as long as I could, but when winter set in my first year, I was desperate for warm clothes and shoes. So, I hit the shops and made a major rookie mistake: I bought the (most fashionable) warmest sweaters, sturdiest boots and heaviest coats possible. Awesome outdoors. Not so awesome indoors. Five minutes and I turned into a gross, sweaty mess. Runny make-up and dehydration, that’s how this California girl learned the lesson of lean winter layers.

Earlier this week, I shared some of our favorite layering tips for looking cool while staying warm with you. Today, I’m showing you how to pull ’em all together and serving up some of my favorite vest and belt combos (I’m obsessed with this!), layered jacket picks and hats to finish your look. Of course, click for more styling tips or to shop the look on Keaton Row. Here’s to being chic and cozy this winter, Foxes. Happy weekend. xo

Winter Layering Essentials_San Francisco Fashion Stylist_Rachel Fawkes
Keep your layers lean and look for opportunities to add color and shine to fight dull gray days. I love the color of this lean sweater dress, which looks polished on its own or chic with the belted vest. If heels won’t work for you, sub this season’s hot combat-inspired boot or a flat chelsea boot to look equally as chic.


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