Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 2.16.01 PMWinter is brutal! The cold can make anyone want to bundle up in an over-sized parka. But you don’t have to look like Frosty the Snowman just to keep warm. As you begin to pull out the sweaters and pile on the layers, here are some tips to keep you cozy and stylish.

1. Ditch the Down and Layer Your Jackets

There’s a time and place for snowsuits, but California in winter isn’t it. Even if you aren’t in a milder climate like we are, winter weather isn’t always frigid. On milder days, layer lighter weight jackets to  keep you warm, while showing off your figure. We like making the layers obvious by mixing and matching textures, colors and patterns. Bonus, this snug strategy makes it easy to lose just the right amount of layers when you go from outside in.

2. Vest Up

Cold, but not too cold? We’re obsessed with vests. Wear anything with sleeves under them: uber-chic flannel shirts, tees, jackets, sweaters, all fabulous! Check out some of our fave streetstyle looks below and then seriously leave the house and buy a vest for winter.

3. Use Your Head

It’s said people lose 70% of their body heat through their head. Lesson? Wrap that noggin in a stylish hat or beanie to fight off the chill. We’re loving chunky knits and brimmed hats this season.






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