Never Let the things you want make you forget the things you have_Gratitude_Quote_Rachel Fawkes Fashion StylistI’m not sure if you noticed while you were indulging in an extra hour of time-change fun, but the holidays arrived with a vengance this weekend. I mean Saturday morning I still had Halloween make-up on my eyes (so hard to get off!) when I passed a santa-at-the-mall snowscape on my way to being served a latte in a red Starbucks cup. Crazy.

Being someone who’s drawn to shiny objects, I’m making an effort not to be blinded by tinsely December decor before the Thanksgiving turkey even hits the table. One way I’m keeping focus: practicing gratitude for all the amazing people and opportunities in my life (you included, Foxes!). As the first week of November hits, do the same and make sure to appreciate all of the reasons (people!) behind your holiday planning. Happy Monday! xo

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