Be Nice to Yourself - Rachel Fawkes - San Franciso Fashion StylistI can’t tell you how often I work with clients who beat themselves up about imaginary flaws in their figure. In my line of work, I see a lot of people in their skivvies. Trust me when I say, no one’s perfect and pretty much everyone’s way more banging than they imagine. There are few better work moments for me than when clients realize this and appreciate their figures and believe they look great. Of course, I like to think it’s because their uber-stylist picked amazing clothes. While that’s partially true, most of it also has to do with the styling process and knocking down the walls of negativity blocking them from seeing their best selves along the way.

As you head into a new week, keep this in mind and be nice to yourself, Foxes! Appreciate all of the good you do and accentuate all of your positive. Because, there’s lots of it. I promise.  Happy Monday! xoxo

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