People WIll StareIn addition to doing a lot of fall shopping for clients (and myself!) , I’m also speaking on style in front of a few groups of clients this month. I always feel a little bit of extra pressure to practice what I preach when I do group stylings— I mean it’s literally standing in front of an audience asking to be judged on what I’m supposedly an expert at. (Eeek!) I always try to wear something that’s equal parts fashion forward and accessible and that suits the group I’m in front of, whether an office of co-workers or a group on a mom’s night out. Most importantly, I always pick at least one undeniable piece that leaves no doubt I know style– it makes me feel a little bit invincible when I’m up for “judgement,” even if only in my head!

Truth is, every day is an opportunity for us all to attract admirers (or judges?!). Here’s to wearing at least one bit of undeniability that makes all of the people stare, in a good way. Happy Monday. xoxo


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