Fashion Says Me Too Style Says Only Me - Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistWhen trying on clothes, a question I always ask clients is “does it feel like you?” Sometimes clothes look amazing on you, but if they don’t express you or your style, they’re not for you. It’s always a happy moment when clients have a definitive answer to my question and even more exciting when they don’t. Working with a client to discover their personal style and and then seeing the happiness that comes when we find it is one of the best feelings a stylist can have.

The week (or two) ahead on Fawkeshunter is all about amping up your personal style. Well we’re always about that, but looking at the calendar, there will be even higher concentrations of it. Everything from what works and what doesn’t (VMA & Emmy’s Best and Worst Dressed!!) to fall trends to (of course) rulebreaking pieces that will make those trends your own. Get ready for the fun and have a happy Monday, Foxes. xo

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