When I met Anastazja, one of the first things we bonded over was our love of our fringe booties. We each have a pair and, even though they’ve been around a season or so, we agreed they are irreplaceable in our hearts. So much so we’re each ready to invest in new pairs since our trusty fringey friends met a sad end (her pair) and are wearing out (my pair). I also have to say, they are sooo comfy and I often wear them working on-set at photoshoots. Other stylists I work with always love them and more than once we’ve even wished my size 7s fit the model (usually a size 9+). As you read her post and styling tips, know Louies have the endorsement of at least 4 stylists. You really do need these shoes! xoxo – Rach

I can honestly say I have a TON of shoes, but I can not say enough about my Sam Edelman Louie Ankle Fringe Bootie. Wow! They really go with everything, skinny jeans, dresses, skirts and even shorts. These shoes are a god send. With real leather and a small two and a half heel these shoes can really make a outfit.shoes_iaec1294934

I have taken my ankle booties everywhere with me, from clubbing to business meetings these boots have always helped in making a great easy outfit for any occasion. Sadly my own pair have been destroyed due to a accidentally spill and have not made a  successful recovery. I tried to find another pair of booties that would meet my high standards but could not find one that matched the comfort, style or craftsmanship of the Sam Edelman Louie Ankle Fringe Boot. Look no further for the best shoe purchase of your life.


How to Wear the Louie Bootie


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The Booties come in seven colors and are priced just at $160. See what’d I tell you? The perfect shoes.




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