Hello Foxes! My name is Anastajza and I’m the new intern here at Fawkeshunter. I’m so excited to go on a stylish adventure with all of you! A little about me, I am a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) with a life-long passion for the perfect outfit and helping others find their style! I’m also an avid music fan, traveler and fashion bargain hunter.Photo of EDC Las Vegas 2014

Recently I went to the musical festival Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas (known as EDC– see the photo to the right). I experienced a fashion shock! Bright colors mixed with glittering rhinestones and sometimes feathers, made me giggle in excitement! Not only was the fashion incredible, but so were the music and amazing performances by the carnival actors. While at the festival I found myself wishing I’d received some helpful hints on what to bring and wear to make a long night go by smoothly. So, I pulled together this list for you– keep them in mind when you’re headed to a festival, concert or performance this summer, Foxes.

Stay Hydrated

Pink water packCheck the event list to see if you can bring your own empty water bottle or Camelbak and fill it yourself once inside the venue. It’ll save you $5-$7 a bottle of smaller than average water.



Go Hands Free

Try a fanny pack. No, not like the ones you see your grandmother wear. Festival girls rock chic hipwear. There are many stylish off-the-rack options or opt for one a basic you can DIY.

Protect Your EarsEarplugs

You don’t want to blow your eardrum the first day…consider ear plugs. Seems counter productive? Trust me when I say, the music gets loud– you’ll be able to hear it through the ear plugs just fine!

Rock Your Kicks

Probably the most important thing: wear comfortable shoes. No one will be looking at your feet and the blisters you’ll earn trekking around a festival ground in open toes or heels are not worth it. Invest in a cute, inexpensive pair of shoes with closed toes you don’t mind being ruined by all of the people you dance with stepping on your toes. (I love Vans, they’re super stylish, affordable, easy to find and really durable).

Last, But Not Least

And finally, bring good a good attitude! Everyone there wants to have as much fun as you. No need to get grumpy about the security line or any other waits, just think of them as an opportunity to make friends!Crowd surfing

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