Happy Friday, Foxes! As I thought about what rule to break this weekend, I realized I’ve shown you how to wear some, but not all of the Spring Trends I shared with you last month. So, this weekend, we’re hitting one more, breaking rules and wearing leather in balmy temperatures.

Leather can look severe and heavy, so the trick for warm weather leather is to soften and lighten it. Designers help out this year by delivering leather in bright and sunny hues that automatically say Spring and Summer. Textured treatments like perforations and laser-cuts also lighten the look, literally, by removing some of the weight, and also visually, by approximating lace, eyelets and sporty fabrics. What you pair with leather also matters. I love mixing hard and soft by pairing leather and florals for a fresh, fun look.

The best part about the warm weather leather trend is that it comes in all shapes, sizes and price points. Stylish faux options keep apparel accessible. And, if you’re not ready to don leather in Summer heat, a stand-out accessory will keep you on-trend. This is one of those rules you can break and bend to be your own.

Warm Weather Leather

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