Twice in the past week or so, I’ve been asked how to accessorize navy dresses. Navy’s a neutral, so, like black, it really goes with everything. But, that doesn’t mean it sizzles with everything. This weekend, be anything but neutral in navy by making a stand out statement with accessories full of color, texture, pattern and shine.

Skip traditional black or brown accessories and start with a color that pops against navy. I personally gravitate toward metallics and a red or pink hue, but bright blue, orange or yellow are some other fun on-trend options. Once I settle on a color, I use it as the guide for selecting all of the other elements of a look, making sure to add in some texture or pattern to prevent it from looking flat. Use shine to catch the eye. It can be a focus, as with the gown, or a great accent, as with the shift.

One trick to keep in mind when shopping: look for pieces, like the boucle jacket below that get you two-for-one. The jacket’s multi-colored weave gives the appearance of pattern and is varied in height for texture. (Count the shiny buttons it’s really more like three-for-one!) Plus, the variation in color makes it match a multitude of looks. It would be just as sharp with red, orange, pink or black as with navy. Bonus!

Non-Neutral Navy

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