Most Wednesdays at noon, you can find me on Twitter for #stylechat, an hour-long discussion of fashion and what (not) to wear. Among seriously stylish topics, you can count on a handful of jokey fashion offenses like meggings, Uggs (very divisive) and adult onesies to weave their way into the chat. This week, rompers and jumpsuits wandered into the dreaded onesie category and it got me thinking, do or don’t? This weekend, I cast my “do” vote and encourage you to break the rules with a chic one-piece for grown-ups.

Some of my all-time favorite red carpet looks have been jumpsuits, but they can also be a challenge. As much as I love the girl, I wasn’t crazy for Lena Dunham’s recent Valentino. Frumpy. What did work about her look is a fashion fact: jumpsuits, and by association the women who wear them, are inherently sleek and effortlessly cool. Wearing such statement-making attire, style yours with sleek, minimalist accessories to ensure your confidence shines brightest of all.

Contrasting a jumpsuit’s sophisticated vibe, rompers are playful, so don’t fight it! Embrace the playfulness by pairing a romper with youthful accessories and having fun with color and pattern. As you pull your look together, be careful about editing so you don’t end up a caricature. As I said on #stylechat this week, the look you want is youthful sophisticated, not youthful preschool!

Weekend Rulebreaker: Rompers and Jumpsuits for Grown-ups

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  1. Kellee
    January 12, 2013 at 2:04 am (5 years ago)

    LOVE the DVF jumpsuit outfit!!


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