Happy New Year!Happy New Year, Foxes! I hope you all had wonderful holidays. I know I did.

The time away allowed me to reflect on the year. 2012 was a roller coaster. Professionally, I said farewell to PR and hello to full-time styling. Personally, I was adjusting to married life, which is a much bumpier road than everyone lets on! I weathered all the climbs, drops and loops successfully and am glad to say the year ended on an upswing.

As I resolve to make 2013 great, I want you to know strengthening my relationship with all of you is one of my most important goals for the New Year. I was beyond grateful for all of your support as I got Fawkeshunter rolling in 2012. It kept me energized to share my style smarts and, hopefully, inspire your style. Looking ahead to 2013, your every like, comment and share encourages me to make what Fawkeshunter offers even more engaging. As a start, I’m resolving the following:

To share more of my personal style
I tell you a lot about what I like, but not a lot about what I’m wearing or the things that inspire me. In 2013, you’ll get to know me a bit better. For now, I’m stopping short of #OOTD posts, but am planning a weekly roundup of personal looks and events, as well as snaps of things that I find inspiring or want to add to my wardrobe. Look for the first of these this weekend. You can also follow me on Instagram to see as I add photos of things I’m up to.

To write with style & substance
Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” It’s one thing to dress impeccably, but I agree with YSL that it’s the person in the clothes who really makes them. I want us all to be lethal combinations of style and substance and will follow the example of some of my favorite reads, sharing perspectives and news on fashion and culture that go a bit deeper than “isn’t that a cute dress.” Look for the first of these next week.

To meet more of you face-to-face
I’m already working with partners and clients on several styling events in 2013 where I’ll share trends or provide mini and group style sessions. Some will be open to all, while some will be private events for small groups or organizations like alumni clubs and companies. If you want to add some style to one of your soirees, let’s chat. Otherwise, watch the blog for invites to the public events.

To develop new services
A key part of my philosophy is that everyone should love getting dressed. Style should be accessible to every one, everywhere. Problem is, I can’t be everywhere. Thank goodness for technology. Virtual and social media-based styling services are in the works. Look for them in early 2013.

Former PR pals who are reading may giggle that these resolutions sound a bit like a list of new features in a product upgrade (Fawkeshunter 2.0!). In a way, it is. 2013 will be a year of growth and adventure for me and for Fawkeshunter. And, that means I’ll evolve and adapt Fawkeshunter styling services and what you read here as we grow. I hope you like the results. Thanks for being part of them!

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