MIlestone Weekend
It’s a tight race who celebrated the bigger milestone this weekend, me or B.

I hope all of you Foxes had a wonderful holiday weekend. It pains me to admit that I didn’t set foot (or online click) in a store. I was too busy with family time and seeing my 10-month-old nephew see the ocean for the first time!

He wasn’t the only one who celebrated a milestone weekend. The PR girl in me is thrilled to report, just before the holiday, Fawkeshunter received its first-ever press mention! I attended the grand re-opening of Cloud 9, the only full-service eco-salon in the (far) East Bay, earlier this month. I  not only learned about organic beauty options, but had the chance to write about the event for Diablo Magazine.

I’ll be doing some more with the magazine and share it with you as it appears. Until then, enjoy all about the benefits of the Cloud 9’s eco-friendly services for hair, nails and skin in Diablo’s latest What’s in Store column.


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