Strut-ThisAs every woman can relate, sometimes you have to plan what you’re going to wear around a stellar pair of shoes. I got these amazing rainbow-colored Asics Gel Kinsei gym shoes in July and ever since have been acutely aware of how not-chic my gym wardrobe of oversized T-shirts and yoga pants is. I’m not one to make the treadmill a runway, but the new kicks have made me want to step-up my gym game and I’ve been on the lookout for workout gear that’s comfortable and full of style. Last month, I found them.

Strut-This is a chic line of feminine workout gear designed by two mom and daughter teams. Full of fun, the line has a celeb following, a cute doggy mascot and plenty of quirky, girly details that let you add whimsy to your workout.

Some of my favorite pieces include the Raqy Pant that sports a cute ruffle detail at the hip and was named for one of the co-founding daughters, Raquel. The Barbie Bow Capri, with a small bow detail at the knee. And the Revenge Top that has a subtle bow front and T-back. Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit less flash, the line also offers more traditional styles with smart twists like the Tomboy, a capri with ribbing material at the waistband and bottom of the leg to offer added flex and comfort.

Strut-This bottoms start around $50, far less than many other designer workout brands. I also prefer the the feel of Strut This’ material, which is just as durable, but lighter on the body than some luxe brands I have worn. Sizing is one size fits most, which I was skeptical of at first, but it has plenty of stretch to hug you in the right places so you can make it work(out) with style.

BONUS: Order in October and you can do good and save! Any pink item is 15% off when you use code PINK15 at checkout and $5 of every purchase will go to the fight against breast cancer.

Photos: Strut-This

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