Mark Zuckerberg on Wall Street
Mark Zuckerberg prepares to head to meet the street in his signature gray Facebook hoodie.

The idea of a casually clad tech mastermind holding court with bespoke investors isn’t anything new to this Bay Area native. Evidently, that isn’t true in New York. Wall Street is all a twitter today because Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg showed up for meetings yesterday wearing, gasp, a hoodie!

Not since Steve Jobs’ signature jeans and turtleneck has Silicon Valley fashion made such a statement. But if you ask me, it was the wrong kind. A slouchy hoodie and jeans for high-powered business meeting? Come on! It turns the focus from what you do to how you look and that is exactly the wrong impression to make.

I am 100% for repping your hood(ie) and using a signature look to create a brand. Just like Coco and pearls were to Chanel, Mark and his irreverent hoodie are as much about what Facebook is as the code that powers it. But, the important difference between the two: Coco let the essence of her style evolve with the time and occasion. Mark, just looks sloppy and like he doesn’t care, which is not ideal when you’re asking firms and the public to invest in your company.

Heed his misstep when you’re getting dressed. Strive for signature flair, but be smart about how you rock it. Make sure it’s appropriate for your audience and activities. As an example, I pulled a few alternatives I think would’ve helped Mark smarten up, wow investors and still have taken the hoodie to the street below. Agree?

P.S. Doesn’t the first model actually kinda look like a runway version of Mark?!

611 Saks Fifth Avenue Linen Button Hoodie $248
This linen button-front hoodie from 611 Saks Fifth Avenue keeps with the relaxed fit of Zuckerberg’s zippered hoodie and would work with trousers or jeans. Buy it at Saks, $248.
John Varvatos Zippered Hoodie $138
John Varvatos’ take on the classic zippered hoodie is better fitting and more polished than the slouchy sweatshirt Zuckerberg usually wears. Buy it at John Varvatos, $138.
John Varvatos Hoodie Sportcoat at Bloomingdales $498
If Zuckerberg really wanted to smarten up he could have worn this sportcoat-hoodie combo from John Varvatos and appeased his own tastes and the expectations of Wall Street investors. Buy it at Bloomingdale’s, $498.

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