So this week, I’m kind of a big deal. Hanging out at rehearsals for a Hollywood award show, flying-high with celebrities and styling an outfit for the ceremony. But I do have to admit, in all of my award-show dreams, I never expected that my first red carpet would turn out to be orange or that the biggest star of the show would be green slime.

That’s right, this Saturday I’m fulfilling a 12-year old dream: attending the 25th Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards! I’m here for my PR-girl gig and in addition to it offering me the chance to have some behind the scenes fun and rub elbows with stars of the show, I’ll also be attending the ceremony, which screams the question: what to wear?

This is not the most glamorous of award shows, more blue jeans than bowties. But, who knows the next time I’ll have the chance to be slimed, so I want to want to have some fun with it! Animal prints, feathers, something quirky, I can’t decide, but I’ve  created some options to inspire me for a game-day decision. I’ll be posting them throughout the week. Let me know your favorite in comments. (And to see more great fashion ensembles and trends, follow me on Polyvore!)

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