Fiesta Favors
A beach towel favor hangs out on the balcony overlooking the Pacific at Capella.

Just back from our fabulous wedding week in Mexico. Three dozen friends and family from three continents descended on Cabo and it was a major fiesta! ** My much-anguished over dress was a hit, but there was one element of wedding style that proved a surprise home run—our favors!

Neither my husband nor I were fans of the traditional destination wedding welcome bag followed by a wedding-day favor. We wanted to treat our guests something more meaningful than snacks and a travel guide or matchboxes stamped with our names. So my artist husband personalized a Mexican-themed design, which we had printed on beach towels.

For slightly more than it would have cost to buy bags, goodies and favors, we were able to treat our guests to a fun keepsake that paid dividends throughout our wedding weekend. First, the towels doubled as décor at our welcome BBQ, neatly rolled up with a welcome book for guests to take home with them. And then, a total surprise bonus, because we gave them early in the celebrations, friends and family actually used them in Mexico. This made it easy to ID who was part of our group and made for great camaraderie and epic poolside hang-outs all weekend.

It was a great added personal touch to our big day and one I invite you to steal the next time you’re gathering friends and family together. Maybe it’s not beach towels, but the next time you’re throwing a favor-worthy event, consider adding your own stamp to something that will be useful and help break the ice for your guests. If you’re lucky like us, it will get everyone talking.

**I can’t take much credit for this. Thanks go to our uh-maze-ing planner Cecilia for all of the heavy lifting and making our day perfect! If you have a chance to visit her and the incredible staff at Capella Pedregal, go! I’m counting the days until I can go back!

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