For being someone who’s daydreamed of dresses her entire life, my wedding dress was never something I gave much thought to. But, with my very own big day less than a week away (11/11/11!), I’ve had to think fast in the past few months!

Used to being sure of what to wear, being wedding-dress directionless was exceptionally hard. In my mind, even the most stunning and one-of-a-kind dresses blur together in a sea of ivory-hued sameness. And, unless they genuinely capture the bride’s personality, “unconventional” wedding styles make me cringe. Let’s also be honest, given a generous sum to spend on a fabulous frock a fluffy white dress would be low on my list. I mean who CHOOSES meringue over Marchesa?

Yet, I caved to the pressure and voyaged to the Mecca of white dresses, Kleinfeld, to say yes to my dress last June. A begrudging bride, I arrived armed an album of hastily selected dresses on my iPhone. It was obvious to my consultant Antoinette that I had no clue what I wanted. Crazily, or certainly delusionally, I was convinced I could be that bride of all brides whose dress would be the singular dress that would not fall into the sea of sameness. Sensing this, she gave me some great advice, perfectly in-line with my own convictions: you can’t go wrong with a classic.

One of my lifelong keys to raising the style stakes has been to look for modern interpretations of clean, classic lines. Being a bride was no reason to break my own rules. It wasn’t that the on-trend, one-shouldered gowns I liked in photos weren’t beautiful, they just weren’t timeless. I knew, I didn’t want to look back at my photos in 10 years and see 2011’s trends before I saw myself. Worse, I didn’t want to end up a joke on some awkward wedding photos site!

So, I picked a dreamy, beach-appropriate dress with enough unique details to appease my fashionista tendencies. I’ll be the first to admit, as pretty as it is, it’s going to fade into sameness. But, I’m OK with that because I followed my fashion gut. Following yours is the best advice I can offer any of you picking your own wedding dress or look for a very special occasion. That way, you’ll look like you and not some slave to a trend.

UPDATE 12/1/11: Back from our wedding in Cabo and this is my favorite photo of the bunch.

Mr. & Mrs.
Between sunglasses and sombreros, I think it’s pretty clear that both my husband and I have definite senses of style. We didn’t wear our accessories down the aisle, but we did grab them at the first opportunity post-ceremony!

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