Side-by-side look at Princess Diana wearing an art deco choker in a traditional and not-so-traditional way. The choker once belonged to Queen Mary and was a wedding gift to Diana from Queen Elizabeth.

14 years ago today, I stood in the foyer of my sorority house watching the news from Paris that Princess Diana had died. Though it’s been more than a decade, she remains an iconic fashion figure and someone whose style I frequently reference when imagining looks.

And this week, I couldn’t get one of her bolder fashion statements out of my mind. Why? Kim Kardashian.  It’s unlikely that a girl known for reality would remind me of royalty, but seeing Kim’s choice of a diamond headband at her wedding, I couldn’t get a particular image of Diana dancing with Prince Charles out of my mind. It was 1985 and Diana turned heads by transforming an art deco diamond and emerald choker into a headband. Just like Kim’s, her headgear choice set tongues wagging about whether or not it was a good look. (Diana must have thought so, because she did it more than once.)

For her wedding to NBA star Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian skipped the tiara and went for it with a diamond headband. Personally, I love it.

Love them or hate them, it’s bold statements like these that make a look iconic. It’s easy to be pretty and put together (really, it is!), but it takes risks to be memorable. Kim’s dress and veil were beautiful, but the thing that made her stand out from the bridal pack was her headgear. If not for it, her’s would be lost in a sea of forgettable celebrity wedding looks in my mind. But because she took a risk, it’s unforgettable.

Maybe wearing a blinged out necklace across your forehead is out of your comfort zone, but tuck the idea away and use it for inspiration the next time you want to make a statement. Consider staking your best-dressed claim by wearing your favorite necklace as a bracelet, or transforming your ballet flats into Cinderella-worthy slippers with sparkly barrettes, or just daring an unconventional color combo. Whatever your statement, the reward’s in the risk and expressing your personal style.

P.S.: As I wracked my mental look book for other iconic heagear, there was only one other that kept jumping out—Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra. Princess Diana and La Liz are not bad company to keep. I think Kim was on to something!

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