Splurge, Smart, Steal: Block Heel Sandals

Low Heeled Sandals_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Earlier this week I was bargain hunting with a client at Nordstrom Rack (yes, some shopping appointments are bargain hunts!) and a sad thing happened, Foxes. I spotted the perfect pair of summer sandals on designer clearance and they were (tragically) a size small. I can’t stop thinking about the shoes, which confirms it: low, […]

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Monday Inspiration: After the Chaos

Chaos - Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

After a week of total tech meltdown, aka chaos, we’re back at it with an almost-finished-new-look website, aka change. And by cosmic coincidence, the day I start a 21-day Deepak Meditation Experience, his words are the ones offering inspiration this Monday morning. Good job Universe. Creating something new, whether it’s a website or a wardrobe, […]

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We’ve Got Issues

"Oje Beautiful Muell" | Photographer: Oleksandr Hnatenkoam, 2008

Visiting Fawkeshunter and thinking, “this site looks weird”? You’re right! We’re in the midst of some overhauls and changing servers wiped the “pretty” from the site. No worries, it’ll be back (and better) soon. Until then, thanks for bearing with us through it! P.S. It’s also affecting our e-mail here and there. If you can’t […]

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